17 Things That Happen when You Date a Friend's Ex ...


It can happen to anyone. You find yourself attracted to a friend's ex. So many thoughts run through your head and there are so many things to consider. If it remains a simple crush, no problem. If the other person has feelings for you, too, and if you decide to pursue a relationship, nothing's quite so simple. Several things happen when you date your friend's ex, things that affect your friendship and your new relationship. Keeping them in mind might help things progress a bit more smoothly.

1. You Start Catching Feelings

You Start Catching Feelings

You probably don't mean to. You probably know it's a bad idea, or at least a risky one, but sometimes you can't help whom you fall for. Sometimes, it just happens.

You Try to Deny Those Feelings


Girl code...don't date her ex unless you're willing to lose a friend
Donna Clark
Hi there iv been seeing my friend ex for over a year and going very good. But my friend still has no clue lol
That's incredibly unfair, she should have been honest from the start so you could talk through it, perhaps the break had more effect on her than she let on and it has hurt her to know he is moving on?
From me
So, we kept it to each other, until it happened again. Then, I had to tell my friend. I couldn't lie. So, I did. We laughed about it, it was so chilled. Then, she stopped talking to me, today she ended the friendship. Saying, she needs to separate herself
Well, I kinda like my friend's ex. My friend swore that, she hates that ex and she is happy for me. Well, I just didn't want it to go there, but the ex and I kissed. We told each other it's a mistake,...
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