2. The News

Often, actually very often, the news can be a bit of a downer. The news and sex don’t mix. Watching crime, economic and political problems, and natural disasters can add stress to your life, which makes it hard to relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t watch the news before you’re about to fool around.

The Parents


Lex Luther
Smh this article makes no sense! Lol why even have sex if talking about these things will turn you off then that means you not into me and just wanna hVe sex
Terrible article
This article was total bs! they might as well have said "oh just be yourself when you're by yourself. Men don't want to have sex when you feel emotions or have opinions."
I know !!!. Wtf?... Man of the house ... Don't cry ... Em hello? If you need to cry then let's hope you have a sensitive man in the room ... Geeeez!
What is it with these terrible sex articles at the moment ?
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