10 Things That Kill a Guy's Sex Drive ...

Sex. It’s one of the most desirable activities in the world. It’s something that people all over the world enjoy. It’s a pleasurable activity that’s loved by all different types of people. Men are stereotyped as being ready for sex any time, anywhere, any place. Believe it or not, that isn’t entirely true. Even though men are usually down for sex 97% of the time, they can get turned off just as quickly as they get turned on. Here are 10 things to steer clear of when you’re in the mood for some lovin’.

1. Money

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Money isn’t a sexy subject. Unless you won the lottery and are giving half to your man, men don’t want to hear about anything financial when they want to get busy. Talking about your finances is a sure way to get a guy out of the mood.

2. The News

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Often, actually very often, the news can be a bit of a downer. The news and sex don’t mix. Watching crime, economic and political problems, and natural disasters can add stress to your life, which makes it hard to relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t watch the news before you’re about to fool around.

3. The Parents

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Anything family or parent related isn’t alluring. There’s a time and a place for conversations about your folks. Right before sex, during sex, or after sex isn’t one of them! Save those chats for a more appropriate time.

4. The Future

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Talking about the future isn’t a way to entice your man. Asking questions about where the relationship is going when you’re about to get naked isn’t wise. Choose to have the relationship conversations at a more suitable time when you’re not in the mood.

5. Distractions

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When you’re having sex, your man wants you to be 100% involved in the moment with him. He wants you focused on only him. Noticing how dirty his comforter is, the empty tissue box he has on his night table, or how his floor needs to be vacuumed is a sure way to kill the moment. Save the distractions for another day.

6. Man of the House

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Men need to feel like they’re in charge. They’re programmed to protect and provide for those they love. If they’re having any financial or life problems, their sex drive suffers. Feeling like they aren’t running the show makes them feel like less of a man.

7. Babies and Kids

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Whether you have kids, want them, or are about to have one, don’t talk about them when you’re sans clothes. The topic of babies isn’t leading to hot sex. Yes, there are many men who love kids just as much as you do. But they don’t want to talk about that when they’re about to have sex. When you talk about babies, nothing sexy is going to happen.

8. Body Issues

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Men love women’s bodies, naked ones. They don’t notice all the things that women are self-conscious about. When men see a naked woman, they expect her to be free of body issues. If you’re embarrassed about something while you’re naked, you’re saying sayonara to his boner.

9. No More Drama

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Men like women who are drama free. Crying isn’t erotic or sensual. It doesn’t matter what you’re crying about. The minute those tears start to flow, the excitement is lost. Save your tears for a sex-free moment.

10. Sickness

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Being sick isn’t arousing. Sure, you might think your sick voice is sexy, but it’s not. Men can’t think about sex when they’re worried about you coughing or sneezing on them.

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