Things That Make a Man Sexy Other than His Looks ...


Things That Make a Man Sexy Other than His Looks ...
Things That Make a Man Sexy Other than His Looks ...

Of course physical attraction is important but once you’ve got past his looks, a man needs to have other qualities that make you go weak at the knees, that make you want to spend time with him. So what are these qualities?

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He Doesn’t Just Sound Smart, He is Smart

screenshot, SHERLOCKSPEARE, Having confidence and bravado is one thing, but when a man actually has genuine intelligence there is pretty much nothing sexier than listening to his clever voice!


Intelligence truly has a magnetic pull. When he engages in passionate discussion, his eyes alight with the fire of keen intellect, it's utterly captivating. And it's not just about book smarts—his witty banter, sharp humor, and ability to think on his feet add layers to his allure. Ever noticed how attractive it is when he solves a complex problem with ease, or articulates a profound thought in simple terms? That is the kind of smarts that can make anyone swoon, far beyond mere appearance.


He is a Considerate Lover

black, black and white, person, human positions, photography, A truly sexy man will always be concerned with giving you the pleasure in the bedroom that you deserve. He won’t just stop when he has got his own rocks off!


He is Physically Strong

black and white, image, photography, monochrome photography, monochrome, There is nothing that makes a woman feel gentile and feminine than her man being able to effortlessly pick her up in a hug and swing her around. Find a sexy strong man and this will be an everyday occurrence!


He Thinks Your Insecurities Are Crazy

human action, person, mouth, blond, muscle, He will become infinitely sexy to you if he regularly lets you know that all the things you worry about with regards to your body are completely crazy. He loves you for who you are, not what you want to be!


Your man knows exactly how to boost your confidence and that's total heartthrob material. When he gazes into your eyes and tells you, "You're beautiful just as you are," it's not just words; it's him cherishing the real, unfiltered you. It's the small acts, like a gentle touch or a reassuring hug, that whisper he’s your number one fan. So when those pesky doubts creep in, remember his love is the looking glass that reflects your truest, most captivating self.


He Keeps His Apartment Clean

mmm, A man who keeps his living space nice and clean is definitely a keeper, as it’s a sign that he has properly matured and picked up the good traits along the way!


A tidy environment reflects a disciplined mind. A man who is diligent in maintaining cleanliness in his apartment shows he values his surroundings and takes pride in his personal space. This trait suggests he's likely to bring that same level of care and attention into a relationship. Imagine coming home to a place where you can both relax without the stress of mess and clutter — it's undeniably appealing. And let’s be honest, a guy who’s handy with a vacuum? Definitely sexy.


He is Always Eager to Help

face, black and white, black, photography, monochrome photography, His sexiness really comes through when you get to witness him helping out others; just little things like helping a woman reach something on a high shelf at the supermarket.


He doesn't hesitate to step in when someone is struggling with heavy bags or holding open a door. It's his natural instinct to ensure that those around him feel supported. What's even more heartwarming is how he does it all with a smile, never seeking recognition for his good deeds. Watching him interact with children or animals with such tender care and patience is utterly swoon-worthy. It's these genuine acts of kindness, the kind that show his true character, that can turn a regular guy into a real-life hero in anyone’s eyes.


He is Good at Planning Things

musical theatre, It’s super sexy when you are not the only one who has to plan out dates, holidays, and everything else. It makes you feel great when he takes initiative and shows that he is interested.


He is the Reliable Friend in His Group

hair, face, facial expression, person, nose, There is something about the maturity and responsibility of a man that is the go-to trusted member of his friendship group. It means that they all respect him the most and that is sexy!


He Has an Accent!

Hi, beautiful, Let’s be real, accents are sexy! Whether it’s a southern drawl, French, Spanish, British, I could go on and on. You’ll want to keep him talking all night long!


He is Protective over His Sister

you, hurther, snap, your, neck, If he takes a respectable interest in his sister and only wants the best for her, then it shows that he cares deeply about the women in his life, which, of course, is sexy!


He Can Make Anything a Good Time

blue, sea, photo shoot, romance, interaction, They say only the boring get bored, so it’s a good sign when he can find the fun in any situation.


He Can Cook a Mean Meal

dish, Is there anything sexier than coming home after a long day at work to find your man slaving over a delicious dinner for you? You might not even make it through dessert before you are all over him!


He Gives Good Dating Advice

music, Don't, call, him., doesn't, If he is known for giving good dating advice to his friends and even your friends, then you can see that he is very tuned in to how to be romantic and how to make a relationship work.


He Can Pretty Much Fix Anything

person, man, male, muscle, mouth, It’s sexy because you can see that he is good with his hands and also because you don’t have to pay out for a handyman!


He’s Not Embarrassed about ‘Girl Stuff’

mouth, eating, sense, What, about, He has no problem running out to the store to pick up a box of tampons, bar of chocolate, sad movie and tissues because he’s a real man who isn’t put off by the vagaries of womanhood!


He Can Carry You when Your Feet Hurt

black, white, photograph, black and white, person, Those last few steps to the house when you have spent all night in heels can be torture, so and ultimate sign of sexiness is if he can sweep you off your feet and help you across the finish line!


He Wears the Perfect Amount of Cologne

face, nose, facial hair, mouth, head, Too little and he might smell like a builder, too much and he might smell like a teenager at prom! His favorite cologne drives you wild.


He is Great with Kids

glasses, vision care, eyewear, interaction, This is one thing that can definitely make a woman’s ovaries explode! Seeing that your man is great with kids gives you a glimpse in to the possible future, and you should be excited!


He Puts You before Himself

human action, person, black and white, kiss, man, There is nothing sexier than a man who loves you so much that he consistently puts your needs above his. It makes you feel like you are the most special girl in the world!

For me, the most attractive thing about a man is his voice. A voice that stands out in a room as sexy is irresistible and if he says the right things, I melt ^_^, but of course he needs some of the qualities above too.

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So true. Specaily no.18and 19 😍💕

I couldn't agree more 👯

British accents send me ❤ actually its the entirety of European men that has me hooked

Everyone has an accent btw

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