17 Things Men Find 🔍 Exceptionally Arousing 🍆 in Women 😘 ...


There are so many things that men find arousing in us women. Our hair, our scent, our perfume, our beauty and our mind – but what else? What else do we have that just drives men crazy? This list isn't based on our looks, we can get a man with just a look over the shoulder, our men like to be stimulated and boy, do they like confidence too!

1. Confidence


While you might not always feel confident on the inside, why not flaunt it on the outside? Fake it until you make it! Confidence is the number one thing that men find arousing and oh-so-sexy.

The Curves You Have


I agree
Ms Khan
How true for my man I am his queen
Men who do that aren't real men. Real men know and cherish women.
Why do some men get with us because they think so many things about us are totally hot, interesting and fun then when they et us they do things to destroy/break down all our wonderful qualities that drew them to us then they act like we're nothing special
EL Valencia
Sofia Vega
That moment when you got to worn on being bright and having a sense of humor
Kimberly Campbell
Sweet 😊
Supriya Malhotra
It is so real
This is all so true ! Thought of my boyfriend while I read this and I'm like all so me and he adores every inch of my lovely self
Olivia Dash
Love this article
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