7 Things That Stop You Moving on from a Breakup ...


7 Things That Stop You Moving on from a Breakup ...
7 Things That Stop You Moving on from a Breakup ...

If you have ever been through one, then you will know that breakups are the worst. Even if the separation from your partner was mostly amicable and expected, there are still feelings that are left behind and things that you have to deal with in order to move forward with your life. If a breakup is particularly bad, then this process can take even longer. Here are seven things that stop you from moving on with your life after a breakup.

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Same Social Circle

It can be tough to make a clean break when you share the same friends. I’m not saying that one of you should cut everyone out, but it might be a good idea to take a break from big gatherings and instead enjoy more intimate, small events with your friends that you can cherry pick to make sure you don’t have to interact with your ex.


Social Media

It can be tough to get closure when every time you pick up your phone you see dozens of photos and updates of your ex on social media. For your own sake it might be wise to unfriend them just to get their presence out of your everyday life.



Insecurity is one of the biggest factors in not being able to move on. You get it in to your head that you aren’t going to find anyone else, that maybe your ex was the only one who wanted to be with you. This is just your mind playing tricks!


Still Talking

We try to be mature sometimes and prove that we can still keep in contact with our exes, but sometimes a clean break is exactly what you need to be able to move on. See what happens when you completely cut off all interaction with him, you might find that you feel better.


Refusing to Date

Don’t get into that zone of refusing to date or see anyone else, because doing so keeps you in those post-breakup funk for much longer than you need to be. Even if you just go out with a few guys to break the ice, it is better than wallowing in the past.


Keeping Possessions

You are still in possession of a lot of your ex’s stuff, along with a lot of gifts that he might have given you over the course of your relationship. If these things are just reminding you of what you no longer have, then you might want to think about getting rid of them.


Self Pity

Nobody should come away from a breakup complete fine straight away, but there does come a point when you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get on with life. It can feel cathartic to wallow in bed all day, but it isn’t going to be helpful to your development in the long run!

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Very uselful tips. Thanks. It’s more complicated especially if children are involved that makes it impossible to cut the conversation completely.

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