17 Things That Will Absolutely Happen βœ”οΈon Your First Vacation πŸ– as a Couple πŸ‘« ...


Trust me on this, going on vacation with your partner is difficult. Lyndsie and I went on our first vacation to Toronto and while we both loved it, we fought a hell of a lot. Our second vacation? Our honeymoon and it was to Paris, we fought just a little bit. As you get used to each other and going on vacation together, it gets better but here is what to expect during your first vacation together as a couple!

1. You'll Definitely Have a Huge Fight at the Airport

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It'll probably be over something stupid too, like not taking your laptop out of your bag. Yep, that was ours!

You'll for Sure Not Sit Together at Some Point in Your Trip


Neecey Beresford
@ACBM, It's from Orphan Black.
Where is the meme from #15 from? So cute!
Is this written for super young couples? Some of these things suggest immaturity. Fighting over where to go to dinner or being too hung over?? High school and college crap.
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