3. Living a Lie

If you find out your crush loves A Day to Remember, don't pretend that they're your favorite band in order to get him to like you. He'll eventually find out that you were lying, and when he does, it'll make you seem undesirable to him. No one wants to date a liar, which is why you should always be yourself.

No Life without Love


hahha lol :D i started to smash him kidding !! i wanna know his real reason why he did broke up with me while im a good partner in him ?1
A day to remember tho
I dated someone to get over my ex
I used to be the multiple texts in a row girl. Glad I know better now.
Essy Lewis
The first one got meπŸ™ˆπŸ˜„
Thank u :)
Know some people like this. But sips tea!
Now ya tell me!! Lol no, I've learned not to do these things anymore. Lol. Now that I'm older.
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