17 Adorable Things the Right Man Will Absolutely Love about You ...


17 Adorable Things the Right Man Will Absolutely Love about You ...
17 Adorable Things the Right Man Will Absolutely Love about You ...

Never pretend to be someone that you're not in order to impress your crush. After all, the right man is going to love you for you. He won't expect you to be anything other than yourself. Believe it or not, here are a few things that your future husband will love about you:

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Your Body

black and white,black,person,image,photography, He's going to love the size of your breasts, hips, and lips. He won't have anything to complain about, because you'll look flawlessly beautiful in his eyes.


The curves of your body will enchant him, and your smile will be his sunrise. Even when you're wearing sweats or have your hair up in a messy bun, he'll find your natural beauty irresistible. It's not just about a physical attraction; it’s the way you move and carry yourself that will captivate him. Your strength and softness, all in one, will remind him daily of what a treasure you truly are. He'll adore every inch, because to him, you're not just a figure—you're the embodiment of perfection.


Your Brain

stage,screenshot,SMART, Never call yourself stupid. Everyone has a different set of knowledge. Whatever man you marry will think you're brilliant.


Intelligence is unique to each individual, and the right partner will cherish your particular brand of smarts. Whether you're a walking encyclopedia of trivial knowledge or you have an uncanny knack for reading people's emotions, your mental attributes are part of what makes you irresistible. Remember, brains come in all shapes and sizes, and the capacity to learn and grow is what truly defines intelligence. He will adore how you see the world, how you solve problems, and your curious nature that keeps the conversation flowing. Love is as much about connecting minds as it is hearts.


Your Family

meal, Your man might not get along with everyone in your family, but he should love them like you do. After all, they're basically his family, too.


Family gatherings might come with their fair share of quirks and unique traditions, but the right man will be eager to embrace it all. He'll be curious about your family's stories and willing to lend a hand at the dinner table. Even if Uncle Jim tells the same fishing tale for the hundredth time, he'll chuckle along, understanding that these moments are the threads that weave your background. It's not just about tolerating family events; it's about valuing the love and history they represent. His acceptance and affection towards your family are precious signs of his commitment to a shared future.


Your Hobbies

guitar,bass guitar,slide guitar,acoustic guitar,plucked string instruments, Your man should be proud that you're passionate about something. He should love your artwork, your singing voice, or your writing. In fact, he'll probably even brag about it.


A guy who is really into you will beam with pride when you dive into your hobbies, whether you're strumming melodies on your guitar or getting lost in a canvas with vibrant colors. He'll encourage you to spend time on what makes you happy and even join in on the fun. Whether it's a quiet evening of knitting or a dynamic day of rock climbing, he'll cherish these moments that illuminate your spirit. He understands that your hobbies aren't just pastimes; they're extensions of your soul.


Your Annoying Quirks

human hair color,hair,blond,person,mouth, The right guy for you will actually like the quirks that everyone else finds annoying. After all, you're perfect in his eyes.


Your adorable snort when you laugh, the way you insist on arranging your books by color, or even your habitual late-night snack raids — these are the unique markers of your personality that he'll find irresistible. He'll cherish how meticulously you fold your laundry or the way you can't help but dance when your favorite song comes on. These small idiosyncrasies that make you you become endearing tales in the story he loves to share. When you're with the one who truly appreciates you, he'll celebrate your quirks, not just tolerate them.


Your Voice

facial expression,face,nose,beauty,singing, Your man should love to hear the sound of your voice. That's why he'll want to talk to you over the telephone if he can't see you in person.


Whether it's a giggle that bubbles up when you're amused or the earnest timber when you're discussing your day, the resonance of your voice is music to his ears. It's like a sweet, familiar tune that calms his soul and excites his heart simultaneously. Through every inflection and pause, he finds himself falling deeper, hanging on every word you say. Your laughter alone can make his day, and a comforting whisper might be the very elixir that soothes his worries away. Your voice isn't just heard, it's felt – a testament to the connection you both share.


Your Pets

dog,mammal,shiba inu,vertebrate,dog breed, Your pets are pretty much your children. That's why he'll love them as much as you love them.


Your Nicknames

entertainment,stage,screenshot,Hey,,Cuddles., He might make fun of the nicknames you give him, but he'll secretly like them. They're cute little inside jokes.


Whether it's Snuggle Muffin or Boo Bear, these sweet monikers are more than just playful teases. They signify a special bond and intimacy that only the two of you share. Your ability to coin such endearing terms shows your creativity and affection, which truly touches his heart. Even if he pretends they're silly, rest assured, deep down he revels in the fact that these nicknames are exclusive tokens of your love for him. Trust us, every time you call him by that unique name, you light up his world in the most charming way!


Your Cooking

, He might not think your cooking is the greatest thing he's ever tasted, but he'll certainly appreciate it whenever you decide to whip up a meal for him. He'll love the effort you put into it.


He'll cherish the love that you stir into every dish, whether it's a gourmet meal or a simple grilled cheese sandwich. The taste of home that comes through in your cooking – the secret ingredient being your care – will make him savor every bite. Knowing you've taken the time to nourish him both physically and emotionally, with dishes that might even become inside jokes or affectionate traditions, will endear your culinary efforts to his heart.


Your Smile

hair,facial expression,face,person,nose, The right guy for you will love to see you smile. Your happiness will bring him happiness.


Your smile is like the sunshine that brightens his day, and he cherishes the joy it reflects from your soul. It's not just about the curve of your lips, but the genuine expression of contentment that emerges from within. A heartfelt grin, accompanied by your twinkling eyes, can make any moment special for him. It could be over a simple inside joke or when you both share a triumph. Your laughter is the melody that he adores, a sound he desires to be the composer of, by bringing joy into your life at every chance.


Your Name

person,facial hair,profession,Say,name., The right guy for you will love to say your name. It'll taste delicious on his lips.


When he whispers your name, it's not just a collection of syllables—it's recognition of your unique presence in his world. Your name, wrapped up in every affectionate utterance, becomes synonymous with all the joy and love he holds for you. With each mention, he celebrates the identity of the woman who has captivated his heart so thoroughly, making it clear that to him, you are not just another face in the crowd but his beloved companion through life's adventures. Each time he calls out to you, it's a sweet melody that assures you of his unwavering devotion and attentiveness to your spirit and being.


Your “flaws”

human hair color,hair,face,blond,person, You might think that your birth marks are flaws, but your man won't think so. He'll think they're beautiful, just like the rest of you.


Often, the quirks like a gapped tooth or a sprinkling of freckles that you believe you need to hide are the exact traits he finds irresistibly cute. The little imperfections that make you uniquely you are often the endearing aspects that he cherishes the most, rendering your so-called flaws as the highlights in his eyes. It's these personal touches that can deepen his affection, as they are the roadmap to your individuality and the storybook of your life's journey that he loves to read.


Your Kisses

human action,person,kiss,nose,mouth, Your future husband will call you an amazing kisser. He'd rather press his lips against yours than anyone else's.


Your Friends

person, Your man doesn't have to become best friends with your friends. However, if he loves you, then he should love them, too.


Your Date Ideas

person,sense, He should love the cute little date ideas you come up with. After all, it shows your creative side.


Your Personality

singing,singer,Steve, He should love your personality as a whole. He should love the way you scratch your head when you're confused and how you jump around when you're excited.


The Way You Look at Him

human action,person,blond,eating,mouth, When you look him in the eyes, he should be happier than ever. After all, there's nothing better than being with the love of your life.

Once you find the love of your life, you'll know it, because he'll love all of these things about you. Do you love all of these things about the man you're currently dating?

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I only wish he liked my body. I'm pretty sure he'd be looking at the pretty girls rather than me. My personality is all good but that's all I have going for me. It sucks.

Miss him 😒

I'm so disappointed that "your laugh" isn't included

I totally agree with everything this post mentioned

I m not agree with 1 abd 16 :(

Hi baby

I girls for they body and they mind

Fuck. Seems like I've just lost the perfect one 😑

It means everything ;)

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