7 Things to Ask Your Love before Getting down and Dirty ...


The things to ask your love before getting between the sheets can be awkward, but can be also very important. You need to figure some important things out before doing the dirty. Below are the things to ask your love before getting intimate!

1. Is This Going Somewhere?

This is a hard convo to have with yourself, but this is one of those things to ask your love. There is nothing worse than going to bed with your guy after a couple dates, and you are more into it than he is. Just because you have convinced yourself he is perfect, doesn’t mean he feels the same (stupid boys!). Unless you are wanting some chill bed time with this guy (there is nothing wrong with that!), then make sure you are both on the same page with the future of the two of you.

Do You Have Protection?


Ruth Amponsah
I have an extreme love for Simone Nobili!!!!!
Ruth Amponsah
I love the cover photo, because Simone Nobili is in the picture.
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I miiqht ask how do u liike iit.
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You spelled "boo" wrong. It's actually spelt "beau", it's French!
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