7 Things to Ask Your Love before Getting down and Dirty ...

The things to ask your love before getting between the sheets can be awkward, but can be also very important. You need to figure some important things out before doing the dirty. Below are the things to ask your love before getting intimate!

1. Is This Going Somewhere?

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This is a hard convo to have with yourself, but this is one of those things to ask your love. There is nothing worse than going to bed with your guy after a couple dates, and you are more into it than he is. Just because you have convinced yourself he is perfect, doesn’t mean he feels the same (stupid boys!). Unless you are wanting some chill bed time with this guy (there is nothing wrong with that!), then make sure you are both on the same page with the future of the two of you.

2. Do You Have Protection?

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Because I mean… yeah, this is pretty obvious. Chances are you don’t want to have a child with this guy yet considering you have only been on a handful of dates. This isn’t always something you think about in the heat of the moment, but it should be! Accidents do happen, but it is best to be covered in any way possible. Regardless if you are on the pill, it’s always good to take every precaution.

3. Have You Been Tested?

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This goes into the last point. Whether or not your potential partner has been tested is one of the first things you should ask your new boo. This is very important in the obvious way that you don’t want to catch an STI, and although the conversation can be odd, it is very important!

4. What do You like in Bed?

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Everyone has something they like in bed, and it could be very different than what you like. Finding this out BEFORE you hop in bed can help prevent those awkward moments, and can connect you two. This is a great convo to get into the mood and to explore each other like they want.

5. Is This the Right Thing?

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This is a personal thing as well as something you should talk to your partner about. Just because you both want to get down and dirty, doesn’t mean it is the right time. Make sure you are both in the same mindset and both want the same things in the future. Even if this is just a fling and you are both looking to have fun, make sure that one isn’t more attached than the other. That can just end wrong.

6. Make Some Safe Words

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This may sound way to out there for you, but it really can work. If you and your partner have slept together before, but are getting down and dirty in a different way, make sure to make some safe words. These will come in handy if one person starts to feel uncomfortable in any way, and gains trust between you two.

7. What Are Your Boundaries?

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Although you get along in every other aspect of your life, that doesn’t mean between the sheets you will as well. Most importantly, talking about boundaries can make sure there aren't any unwanted surprises, inside the bedroom and out. You never know, he may think just because you are having sex doesn’t mean you are together. You don't need to reveal all your deepest desires the first time around, but you might discover your partner is really into something you like. Remember, it's okay to have kinks, and it's also okay to be vanilla.

Sex talk can always be weird and uncomfortable, but all the above questions will hopefully help make it a bit easier. Is there someone you always ask your partner before hitting the bed?

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