7 Things to Avoid after a Break up ...

If you find yourself curled up in a little ball listening to heartbreak hits on your iPod, let’s dish about things (set to songs) to avoid after a break up. What if instead of going the conventional route at the end of a relationship, you branch out and try something a little less dramatic? Watching sad movies and singing along to sad songs (when it will feel so intensely personal), should be things (and songs!) to avoid after a break up, rather than sought after. Let’s explore the power of music.

1. Sad Songs (Say so Much) – Elton John

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What about Sad Songs Say Too Much? "And it feels so good to hurt so bad." Really? No, no, no, don’t even go there, Sir Elton. Love is not supposed to hurt. Love should make you feel glorious. So, what to do if he ends it? Well for starters, the songs to avoid after a break up, are sad love songs.

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