2. Are You Just Bored?

Are you accepting a second date out of boredom? Maybe because you don’t have any other plans and it seems like a better option for your Saturday night?

If you wouldn’t accept the date if you had other plans, it might be a better decision to say no. That is a kinder option than allowing the guy to think that the date is going somewhere. There is also always the option of saying you would love to go out, but to hang out as friends rather than going out as a date. This takes the pressure off of both of you.

Did You Have Fun on Date One?


I agree to you Nicole, I found one myself too, who is very, very respectful and gentlemen-like
At first I thought chivalry was dead.. but I recently just found an awesome great guy from dating that is a true gentlemen. Ladies don't give up on finding your man!
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