5. Discuss What Happened

Ah, this is a huge lesson that I had to realize after a fight. When the fight was over, I never, ever wanted to discuss anything and I wanted to pretend it didn't happen. That isn't the right way to do anything! You've got to discuss the fight, so that way you don't repeat it!

Keep a Journal


Heather Jensen
Hi Ashley! The reason why a journal is a great idea is only because, what if you are having the exact same fight, all of the time? That way you can go back and see all of the feelings that you had a...
I think it's ok to write your feelings out though...just not keep tabs I guess.
I'm not sure about keeping a journal. Isn't it a little rude/petty to keep tabs of every fight? Love isn't supposed to be that way.
Princess Preeya
Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank u :)
Great tip
Heather Jensen
Hi Gabriella! I think that's it's different for everyone. :)
Heather Jensen
Awesome!! Thank you for the comment!
Heather Jensen
That is true -- I'll come up with one for LDR's too! :)
Heather Jensen
Aww! It definitely does help! :)
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