11 Things to do if He is Constantly Texting Other Girls ...


11 Things to do if He is Constantly Texting Other Girls ...
11 Things to do if He is Constantly Texting Other Girls ...

Learning that he is texting other girls is always hard to deal with! If your boyfriend is one of those boys that is constantly texting other girls, I've got just the tips and tricks for you! I've got the top 8 things to do if he is texting other girls. After all, why would you want him texting someone else besides you? So girls, you ready to see what to do if he is texting other girls?

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Confront Him

The very first rule when it comes to the fact that he is texting other girls is to confront him! It might be difficult to do it right up front, but girls, once you get it all out in the open and ask him straight out if he is texting other girls, you'll feel better. Trust me on this!


Being direct can be intimidating, but it's essential to communicate your concerns. Approach the conversation calmly and without accusation. Say something like, “I've noticed you’ve been texting quite a lot recently, and it's been on my mind. Can we talk about who you're messaging?” This invites an open dialogue and shows that you're coming from a place of wanting to understand, not to control. Remember, your feelings are valid, and addressing them honestly is a crucial step in any healthy relationship.


Be Completely Honest

After you confront him, if you aren't comfortable with the fact that he is texting other girls, you've got to just tell him! Honesty is the best policy here chicas! After all, you want to make sure that the lines of communication between you and your boyfriend are completely open!


Express your feelings without blame or anger. Directly say, “I feel uneasy when I see constant texts from other women on your phone. It makes me question where I stand in your life.” Remember, communication is a two-way street. Listen to his side of the story, as he might have legitimate reasons. But at the same time, set clear boundaries about what you deem acceptable. Trust is built on transparency and respect, so make sure these are not just words, but actions that both of you are willing to uphold.

Frequently asked questions

There could be many reasons! Maybe he enjoys their company, is just being friendly, or he doesn't see it as a big deal. But remember, what's important is how it makes you feel. If it bothers you, it's important to talk to him about it.

That's a tricky one. You might notice him being secretive with his phone, texting a lot when you're around, or he might be acting differently. Trust your gut, but the best thing is to ask him directly and see how he responds.

First, take a deep breath. It's important to stay calm. Try to talk to him about it honestly and openly. Let him know how it makes you feel and see if you can understand why he's doing it.

You can't control his actions, but you can express your feelings. Let him know how it hurts you and see if he respects your feelings enough to change his behavior. Communication is key!

It's definitely okay to set boundaries. If you feel uncomfortable with her messaging him, you can talk to her politely. But it’s often better to deal with your boyfriend first. He should be the one to set the boundaries if his behavior is causing issues.


Be Clear about Your Expectations

When you are dealing with a guy, you've got to be really clear girls! You've got to express exactly what your expectations are, that way he knows he has to do and what you expect out of him. That goes for him too, he should give you his expectations too when it comes to texting.


Setting boundaries early on in your relationship can alleviate so much confusion later. It’s not about laying down the law, but rather, having a mutual understanding about respect and honesty. If constant texting with other girls is something that bothers you, let him know. This conversation doesn't have to be confrontational. Approach it with a sense of openness and the willingness to listen, because his perspective is important too. Remember, it's all about finding a balance that you both are comfortable with and respect.


Tell Him to Stop

If after you confront him, if he is texting other girls still, it might be a good idea to put your foot down and just tell him to stop. After all, he is your boyfriend right? You can make a compromise, you won't text other boys, if he won't text any girls. Deal guys?


Do You Trust Him?

One question that you are going to have to ask yourself if he is texting other girls is, do you trust him completely? Do you think that he is the one? Do you believe that you can trust him even if he is texting other girls?


Trust is an essential pillar in any relationship. If you find yourself doubting every time his phone lights up, it's time for a serious conversation. Express your feelings openly and see how he responds. Remember, trust should be mutual, and if he truly values your relationship, he will understand your concerns and make an effort to reassure you. Nonetheless, always listen to your intuition—if something doesn't feel right, it may warrant a closer look into the nature of his interactions with other girls.


Have a Talk with Him

If you do trust him, it might be time for you to just have a deep, heart to heart talk with him. Just let him know exactly how you feel and let him know that you don't want him texting other girls, after all, why should he be? He has you.


Communication is key in any relationship, and sometimes you just need to be singularly honest. Approach the conversation not as a confrontation but as a sharing of feelings. Prepare what you want to say ahead of time so that you can express yourself clearly without letting emotions take over. It's important that he understands this is about your feelings and the boundaries and respect you expect in the relationship. If this texting behavior hurts you or makes you insecure, he needs to know. Remember, it's not about accusing; it’s about seeking to understand each other better.


Open Communication

Always ladies, whenever you are in a relationship, especially a relationship where he is texting other girls you want to make sure that you have very open lines of communication. You both should feel comfortable enough to talk to one another about what's bothering you.


Ask to See the Texts

Finally, if nothing works, ask to see the texts that he is texting other girls. It might be worth it and set your mind at ease to know at least what they are talking about. If he doesn't let you, it could be a sign ladies!


If he hesitates or refuses to share the content of his messages, you might want to express why it's important to you. Communication is the key in any relationship, and your unease deserves attention. Approach the situation calmly and reasonably—making it clear that you're seeking understanding and reassurance, not accusations. Trust, once shaken, needs work to be restored, so be prepared for an honest conversation about your feelings and boundaries. Remember, transparent communication is a two-way street, and you both need to feel comfortable with how it's handled.


Do You Know Who It is He's Texting?

If you know who it is that he's texting, how about asking her personally to try and respect boundaries. Sometimes, people cross a line without even realizing it! So, be nice about it and just let her know that you don't feel too comfortable about the whole situation. If she's a decent person, she'll respect that!


Tell Him It Isn't Considerate

If he knows how much this bothering you, and he still continues to text other girls, he's clearly not considerate of your feelings. Let him know he's not acting like a good boyfriend should. If that doesn't give him a wake up call, you need to question if this relationship is even worth it.


Give Him an Ultimatum

I know, this sounds a bit extreme but desperate times call for desperate measures, right? If you REALLY feel like you have no choice, let him know that now it's up to him. He can decide who he'd rather talk to you: you or them. If we're being honest, it should never get to this point because if it does, you might have to reconsider this whole relationship thing.

There you have it! My top 11 ways to deal with it if he is texting other girls! So ladies, what are some of the other things you can do if he is texting other girls?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Vanessa Salles.

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#5 not really after this one , it was recently while he’s been begging me to move in

#1 did that.

Dump. Him. Immediately. Full stop.

#7 7 mo. of communication everyday is tiresome enough, but while he's got me on hold, he is spending my time with others. Yet he insists on just being exclusive.

#8 I seen it and wish I didn’t

when u told him to stop he slaped me an im scaerd that he will do it agine

Hi Heather, thank you so much for all your useful article. My bf is having constant sms conversation with a girl he met on a online dating site previously. When asked, he said it's just normal conversation with friend and that there is no future between him and that girl. I expressed my view that we shouldnt keep close communication with someone with motive(wanting to be your gf or bf) but he said as long as he knows what he is doing and can control himself, there's no way i can control his life by asking him to stop doing thing he thinks it is just small matter. He want me to trust him and leave the decision whether to keep contacting that girl to him and he will handle it accordingly and assure that it's me that he wants to build relationship with and walk towards building a family going forward. Deep inside me, i trust that he wont be dating that girl behind my back but the thought of him chatting with that girl make me jealous and dont have the will to text him anymore. Am not sure if it is silly for me to give him time and raise the topic again few months later to see if he is still in touch with that girl? Thanks

#6 I had a talk with him last night he screamed yelled said he wanted a divorce. Basically he said I’m not doing anything wrong she’s just a friend and I’d like to talk to her

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