2. Understand It is Normal

Understanding that these feelings might not be love and might not even be a true, real crush is very, very important. I know it might feel like you are in love with your cousin and that they are your dream boyfriend or girlfriend, but it might all boil down to how old you are and if you are going through hormone changes.

Don't Act on It


Jorge Luis
sharlene white
I really need help processing all of this😭😭
I was 11 when i first met him and we were very close as friends and he asked me out but his mom heard and asked for my name and she got all upset and started freaking out when i told her my last name....
Okay so i started having a crush on this guy in the 7th grade but we are both in high school and just found out we are related by our great grandmother πŸ‘΅πŸ½ hehe but like we never knew this before...
idk what to do
i started liking my cousin when i was 15 & we've tried to get over each other but we always come back. I never knew him when i was a kid, so when we did meet it was like it's our first time meeting.
what if it is when you're an adult
Zaeem Ahmed
Yeah i haveΒ What should i dooI wanna kiss her and wanna tell her but i cant
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