4. Seek Alternative People to Crush on

I know it might be hard to think about, but finding someone else can actually help you to move on and won't cause you to have any emotions toward your cousin. You might have to grieve for your crush and even give yourself time to get over it, but the sooner you find someone to crush on that isn't related to you, the better.

Allow Yourself Time to Get over the Crush


I need a help and a point of view.. Actually i have a huge crush on my 2nd degree cousin we know each other since we were kids but everythng was normal until few months ago when he started to come ove...
You say it's normal but I have a crush on my cousin and I can't stop thinking about them!!! I think about her when I wake up, during the day, when I come home, at night, on free time, and when I go to bed!!!! What do I do????????
Amir Freeman
I have a crush on my girl cousin this began since we little but we did not grow up with each other because of the foster care thing well are parents lied on us I that's why we been in the system shes ...
Isabel Garcia
Yes I had a crush on my cousin
Oh my god, yes. In my religion, Islam, you're allowed to marry your cousin, so I wasn't upset when I found that I liked him. But then I found out that he was my milk brother (meaning my parents had my...
lexie ann
I've had a experience with this recently.. my cousin came over for one weekend and me and him stayed up for hours talking, laughing, and hanging out.. I started to get butterflies and relized I liked ...
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