7 Things to do if You Think Your Boyfriend is Cheating ...


What are the things to do if you think your boyfriend is cheating on you? Wondering if he's seeing someone else is a horrible suspicion, and leaves you feeling very uncertain. Are you just imagining things - or does he have someone else on the side? Here are the things to do if you think your boyfriend is cheating …

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Unusual Behavior

One of the things to do if you think your boyfriend is cheating is to look at how he's behaving. Is he doing anything that seems unusual for him, such as taking more interest in his appearance or staying late at work? This may be an indication that something is up, and that you have reason to be concerned.


What Would You do if It's True?

Some people prefer not to know if their partner is cheating. They feel that they are better off without having it confirmed. What would you do if you got confirmation that he was cheating? Look for evidence and you might well find it, so be prepared for the worst.


Think Carefully

Think carefully about whether you do indeed have good reason to be suspicious, and ask yourself if you could be imagining things. It is possible to completely misunderstand something and assume that it's a sign that he's cheating. But if he tries to convince you that you're being paranoid, that's another story. Cheaters often try to convince you that you're being ridiculous.


Gut Feelings

Intuition rarely lets you down. If you feel that there is something going on, the chances are high that you're right. But you should also ask yourself if you're worried that he could be cheating because it's happened to you before; people who've had a cheating partner can be worried that it will happen again, and be overly alert for potential signs of their new partner cheating.


If He's Innocent?

You should also consider what will happen if it seems that you've made a mistake and he's not cheating. If he finds out that you were suspicious, he could be very hurt that you would believe him capable of cheating. Not all guys are like that.


Bad Choices?

If you've had a number of cheating partners, you shouldn't blame yourself for the fact that they've cheated on you. But you should consider if you could choose your partners more wisely. Perhaps you are going for the wrong type of guy and so always end up with partners who don't treat you as well as you should be treated.


Ask Him

Sometimes it's best to ask him outright if he's seeing someone else. Some people aren't very good liars; others may be relieved that they don't have to hide anymore. But don't accuse him flat out; say that you've got concerns and you'd like to discuss them. Accusations may lead him to react defensively and start accusing you in return of being unfair or paranoid.

It really hurts when your partner cheats on you; not only is it disrespectful, but you feel as though you're not enough for them. But remember that if he is cheating, the responsibility lies with him. It's not your fault that he's behaving badly. Have you ever been cheated on - or have you been the one who cheated?

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My boyfriend doesn't want me handling his phone and doesn't want to give his facebook password to me. Although this has been his behavior from the beginning, it bothers me sometimes thinking that he might be hiding something. Is this move considered cheating? Or is it just a part of guy's nature? Need some opinions here thanks.

From experiance if you think he is cheating then your prob right. Otherwise the doubt wouldnt b there

I found evidence on phone and computer about my disgusting cheating ex's ways. Not only was he going behind my back with other hookers, he also had a sick addiction to porn. What peeves me is that we had satisfying sex life and I never denied him sex so I couldn't understand why. I believe up until this day that he had a mental illness and probably suffered frm sex addiction. I'm glad I booted his rubbish filthy ass out of my life for good.

I think it is also good to understand why he is cheating. There is reason people cheat and it is better to talk it out before breaking up.

I guess yea he cheated on me 💔

@bonbon you must have no self value. why would you ever forgive a cheater?

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