2. Respect Your Parents

Your parents have been around for years and they have more experience in the relationship department. One tip that I have found that works when you're dealing with parents that don't approve of a relationship that works is actually to respect them. They are still your parents and they will always be your parents. Make sure that even if they don't approve of your relationship, you are still respecting them, which is one of the best answers for what to do when your family hates your boyfriend.

Weigh the Pros and Cons


ellie bradley
@Johanna, I think if you love your boyfriend then you should stay with him. My mum doesn't know that I have a boyfriend and to be fair I really don't care what she thinks. My mum is trying to run my life for me. :D.
My boyfriend is 12 years older than me. I'm 20 and he's 32. This is the first relationship I've ever had and I really like him and he feels the same way. I told my mom about him and she's fine with it...
I'm dating this lovely guy from Germany. I'm older by 3 months but we're both 20. He makes me happy and he's a real gentleman. But my mum doesn't really like him. I think she still likes this guy I re...
Monica Lopez
What if there is child in the picture. I have a 1 year old from a past relationship and my boyfriend has accepted her. My daughter loves my boyfriend as do his parents. Any thoughts?
I guess my main point is... How does a sensitive person deal with a mother who is overly critical and unreasonable??
I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 and a half years. My mother has never approved mainly because she thinks I can "do better" because of a number of things including his mechanic profession and not...
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