9 Things to do in Bed πŸ› All Long Term πŸ’ Couples Should Try ...

When you’ve been together for eons, things get comfortable, including sex. Even if you still very much enjoy sex with your partner, there’s never anything wrong with spicing things up a little or trying new things. A reinvigorated sex life flows through into your relationship and instead of your partnership feeling like a pair of comfortable slippers, you’re suddenly walking in a pair of shiny new Louboutins. Ready to step it up?

1. Experiment with the Usual Power Dynamic

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Is it your partner who is usually the person to dominate and be the proactive force in the bedroom? Why not turn the tables and see what it feels like to take charge and have them at your mercy instead? Switching up the bedroom dynamics can be a really fun and revelatory experience for both of you.

2. Reignite Your Powers of Seduction

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The sex life of a long-term couple can sometimes become a little stale and formulaic. Combat this by treating your encounters as if you were back at the early stages of your relationship. A little role-play in these situations can be really exciting and put a huge spark back in to the bedroom gymnastics.

3. Indulge in Your Hidden Fantasies

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Get a bowl, get some paper, and individually write down some of your hidden fantasies. Mix them all together and then have a fun evening (or longer) pulling them out and having fun together making each other’s fantasies a reality. It’s good to share these kinds of desires with your partner; they are always eager to help out!

4. Take Turns at β€˜Being Selfish’

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Long term couples will often get in to a routine of certain actions during sex, so you should break the chain by taking turns at being completely selfish and demanding certain things from your partner for ultimate pleasures purposes. Of course, it all evens out because after you have got your rocks off, it will be time to do everything that he wants too!

5. Add Some Kinkiness in to Your Sex Life

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It’s a whole new age where 50 Shades has made this side of sexuality mainstream! Don’t be afraid to try out some more out there and kinky stuff with your partner. It can be as tame or as crazy as you are both comfortable with, but the main thing is that you leave your usual comfort zones and try something new and exciting.

6. Treat Sex like You Treat Exercise

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If you and your partner are experiencing something of a dry spell, then it’s time to substitute exercise for sexercise! Commit to bed fun a certain amount of times a week, just like working out, and you will soon find that the regularity of your love making puts a spark back in to it!

7. Introduce Some Toys in to the Mix

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Sex toys aren’t just for single girls who watch Sex & The City. They are also a great addition for couples to make their sex lives more exciting! There are amazing toys for both men and women that can take feelings of pleasure to a whole other level!

8. Be Willing to Move with the Times

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When a relationship spans many decades, it obviously involves two people who are aging together. Don’t try to pretend that you are both still 23 and ready to go at any minute. Accept that your sex life will evolve in both frequency and level of activity and you will be able to be happy with whatever you have together! It’s still love!

9. Go to Bed in Your Birthday Suits!

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Throw away your comfy, safe pajamas and make the decision to sleep naked together. Just the feeling of incredible intimacy that being nude together creates can lead to plenty of sexy times that otherwise may not have occurred. Trust me, give it a try!

Are you ready to try something new?

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