25 Things to do πŸ—Ί on Valentine's Day πŸ’• if You Are Single ☝🏼 ...


There are many other things to do on Valentine's Day if you are single than hangout with a sweetie! Forget the day for what it is, or go ahead and celebrate it in your own way. Remember in the end it's just Valentine's Day this particular year, and you can still make it yours. Read on for 19 things to do on Valentine's Day if you are single.

1. Plan a Girls' Night in

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One of the first things to do on Valentine's Day if you are single other than go to a romantic dinner is to plan a girls' night in. Call all your single ladies over, cook up a great dinner and pour some wine - for each other! Valentine's Day is about having a good time with your supporters, and your girlfriends are definitely that. Kick back and watch your favorite movie, chit chat like old times or plan a craft you've all been dying to make. You'll soon forget what day it even was!

Plan a Girls' Night out


Go see 50 shades of grey!
Meaghan Di Pietro
Single for Valentines Day
normita guese
I will celebrate my Valentines Day with my 2 year old grandson! When I'm around him, it's Valentines Day every day!
Amina Abdul
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Considering the fact that I've always worked on Valentine's every year since I was 17...just another day to collect a check👍
Lynette Macias
Just take it easy, pamper myself💋
I actually hadn't givn it any thought, I'm lookn forward to my birthday the 19th, I skip ova VDAY, every yr I am single,.dnt miss it a bit, long as I'm single it has no meaning to me. sad but tru .
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