3. Really, Don't Blow up Her/his Phone

Really, Don't Blow up Her/his Phone

Believe me. I completely understand the urge to keep firing off message after message when someone won't answer you. However, you need to avoid this urge at all costs. You'll be so angry at yourself later, plus it gives the other person so much power. Not to mention, you don't know why s/he's not texting you back. If something came up and your crush comes back to dozens of missives from you, it's not a good look.

Text Your Friends Instead


Anjelique Eagleburger
@Len that's good you realized that now girl
Mary Jane Hansen
What does it mean when he the guy I'm really into send enough text messages you can feel them on one hand but his ex who he's friends with now speaks with her about who knows what I think every man an...
Im doing this now...! He's not worth my time, i realize.
Ella Quinn
I'm the worst. double. texter. omg
Lol if you really trusted them then they wouldn't be an acquaintance, they'd be a friend xD
Lynn Areh
Omg this is good and a real reminder
@AbbyB2016 Omg u speak to me, hi πŸ™„πŸ‘‹πŸΎ
@Zoeycook hey girlie
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