6. If He Starts to Scare You off, Tell Him

From my experience, I have had a lot of guys creep me out. My text messages looked like an episode of Gossip Girl getting signed "xoxo" or my phone blowing up with 5 phone calls in a row. When you like someone so much and know they don't feel the same, we try with all our power to change how they feel. Sometimes we don't even realize we're doing it.

If you actually like this guy you're dating and he starts to become too much, just tell him. He may be offended but it's better if he pulls back a bit than if he scares you away. Otherwise he'll lose you for good. Don't be mean about it, but just nicely let him know you aren't on the same page with him yet and just need him to cool off a little. You don't want to hurt the poor boy, and if you do, at least you gave him something to think about for the next girl he goes for!

Don't Lead Him on


Great tips! Experiencing this at the moment they're very helpful!
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