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7 Things to do when Your Boyfriend Hurts Your Feelings ...

By Alicia

These are some good things to do when your boyfriend hurts your feelings. It's inevitable that it'll happen on occasion. When you're in a relationship there are times things get said that are hurtful. It's good to know some things to do when your boyfriend hurts your feelings to help get your relationship back on track.

1 Tell Him Your Feelings Were Hurt

If your boyfriend hurts your feelings, then you need to tell him that. If you don't, he probably won't realize it. This's one of those times you need to just be honest. Tell him he hurt your feelings and how he did. This is one of the first things to do when your boyfriend hurts your feelings.

2 Give Him the Chance to Apologize

Before you take any other steps in handling the situation, give your boyfriend a chance to apologize. If he feels badly and apologizes then you may not need to do anything else. You can forgive him and enjoy the rest of your day together. Sometimes other steps are needed to fix the situation. That's something only you can decide.

3 Explain Why You Were Hurt

Guys have a totally different viewpoint to girls. You won't always see or understand things the same way. Sometimes your boyfriend may hurt your feelings but not understand why whatever he said or did hurt you. In this situation, you need to explain why you were hurt and how he made you feel. This can help clear up any confusion he has.

4 Give Him the Benefit of the Doubt

If you're dating a guy who has a good heart and is caring, then he probably didn't mean to hurt your feelings. It was most likely completely unintentional. In this situation, you still want to tell him your feelings are hurt but you also want to give him the benefit of the doubt. Remember he's a good guy who just said or did something inconsiderate. In this situation, things can easily be cleared up.

5 Give Him Some Time to Think

There are times when your boyfriend may hurt your feelings but not be willing to understand or apologize. If this is the case then you may want to give him some time to think. Pull back from him a little and let him have some time to hash out the situation in his mind. This may mean you don't immediately answer his texts or that you make other plans for a day or so. If he truly cares for you, he'll think things over and see your point.

6 Listen to His Side

It's good to remember there are are two sides to everything. It may be that you completely misunderstood him. Give him a chance to explain what he meant. He could have been directing a comment toward someone else or a different situation. In this scenario, things can easily be worked out.

7 Evaluate Your Relationship

If you're dating someone who hurts your feelings often or purposefully, then it may be time to evaluate your relationship. Any guy could hurt your feelings on occasion but if it's beyond the norm that can be a red flag. No one deserves someone who purposefully says or does hurtful things. It's best to be honest with yourself about the state of your relationship. Don't settle for someone that doesn't cherish you for the special person you are.

These are 7 things to do when your boyfriend hurts your feelings. How do you usually handle this situation? Share your tips.

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