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7 Things to Keep in Mind when You Have a Summer Romance ...

By Lyndsie

Everyone needs at least one summer romance. Grease prepared us for that, if nothing else. Summer is filled with possibilities, and if you're on vacation, near a tourist town, or participating in a special, summertime activity, someone may catch your eye. Although some summertime flings last, most fade away due to distance, time, and life in general. That doesn't mean you should avoid a summer romance if the opportunity presents itself, though. Just consider it a dose of summertime magic.

Table of contents:

  1. Play it safe
  2. It's probably not forever
  3. Every relationship deserves honesty
  4. It won't make your ex jealous
  5. Don't fling where you work
  6. Know when to walk away
  7. Be open to new possibilities

1 Play It Safe

Be smart about your summer romance. Don't get involved with shady characters, don't get involved with anything illegal, dangerous, or generally stupid, and always practice safe sex. Trust your instincts above all else. You may want some excitement, but there are plenty of ways to be adventurous. You don't have to make bad decisions or take serious risks.

2 It's Probably Not Forever

There are exceptions, there's no denying that however, your summer romance probably won't last forever. You shouldn't go into it expecting to find the person you're going to marry – meaning, don't get too serious too fast. Forming a bond is great; forming an attachment is taking it a little too far. This is still your summer, and all summers come to an end.

3 Every Relationship Deserves Honesty

You have to be honest to yourself about what you're looking for, what you want, and what you can handle. If you're a serial monogamist, a summer fling might not be your thing. You need to be honest with your partner, too. Don't lead on your summer fling, and don't make promises you can't keep. That's something your partner should offer you as well.

4 It Won't Make Your Ex Jealous

Far too many people indulge in a summer fling in the hopes of making someone else jealous. Not cool, baby, not cool. That just hurts everyone involved, and the kicker is, your ex probably won't care. If you want to get over your ex and think a rebound might help, a summer romance could help with that – but always refer to #3. You have to be honest.

5 Don't Fling Where You Work

If you're getting a summer internship or job, or even if you're just feeling a little frisky come summertime, do not have your summer fling with a coworker. Summers end, we've established that, but if you want your job to be a little more permanent, keep your coworkers out of bounds. If you're not serious about someone and you still end up working together, it could get awkard.

6 Know when to Walk Away

If you're on vacation, you can't feel tempted to ignore work or school for a little while, just to continue your fling. If the vibe starts feeling weird, you can't stay just because. There are many reasons you might need to walk away, and you need to be prepared for that. Don't forget to be honest. If there's no future, don't let your fling have false hope.

7 Be Open to New Possibilities

All of that being said, you should always be open to possibilities that appeal to you. That might involve dating outside your set type, meeting someone while exploring a new activity, or even seeing if your summer fling is worth a long term commitment. It really does happen, and if you both feel a pull, you might as well explore it – as long as you both understand that it might not work.

You never know what might happen with a summer romance. If you're single and you meet someone you really like, enjoy the moment for what it is. Even if you can't be together once real life takes over, you might meet again somewhere down the line. Have you ever had a summer romance? Was it more epic than Sandy and Danny's summer lovin'?

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