7 Things to Never do on Facebook when Youre in a Relationship ...

By Diana

Whether your relationship is new or you’ve been married for 30 years, there are just some things to never do on Facebook. If you wouldn’t do these things in public, then why put them out there on social media? Don’t put your relationship on the line with these things to never do on Facebook.

Table of contents:

  1. questionable photos
  2. friending the opposite sex
  3. bitching about your partner
  4. friending their family/friends before discussing it
  5. photos with your ex
  6. looking at your ex’s facebook page
  7. brag about it

1 Questionable Photos

It was ladies’ night and you drank a little more than you should have, but that doesn’t mean you need to share it, which is why this is one of the top things to never do on Facebook when you’re in a relationship. If you haven’t met your significant other’s parents yet, it might not be a good idea to put a photo of you doing a body shot on social media. Everything you do doesn’t need to be posted on Instagram...keep your crazy good time to yourself!

2 Friending the opposite Sex

Requesting a family friend is one thing, but friending the guy you crushed on in high school is another. Why put your relationship in jeopardy just to see what the prom king who never spoke to you, but wants to be friends with you now, is doing? If it makes your better half uncomfortable, then it’s best to just say no to a friend request that comes from the opposite sex.

3 Bitching about Your Partner

Besides the crazy photos and friending someone you shouldn’t, bitching about your partner on Facebook is very high on my list of things I hate seeing couples do. Yes, they can be a pain in the ass sometimes and get on our nerves, but this is your personal business no-one else's. Just remember, if you’re friends with your mother on Facebook, or their mother, now they know about it and everyone else in your family will know too!

4 Friending Their Family/Friends before Discussing It

Speaking of mothers, if you haven’t met your partner’s family or close friends yet, don’t friend them on Facebook before you do meet. Definitely don’t friend them on there before discussing it with your significant other! Plus, if you still have that wild college days album up, you may want to take it down before you become friends with his/her parents on Facebook.

5 Photos with Your Ex

Whether your previous relationship ended in an ugly way or not, you’re starting something new so why keep photos of you and your Ex up on Facebook? Yes, it was part of who you were and maybe even a big part of your life. However, that isn’t who you are any more, so instead of hurting the feelings of your new partner or making them jealous, just take them down and un-tag yourself in any other photos with your Ex.

6 Looking at Your Ex’s Facebook Page

Doing this will only prompt you to get angry and jealous, and make you want to update your status to complain about what your Ex is doing! So, just don’t be tempted to look at your Ex’s Facebook page, the relationship ended for a reason. Plus, if you are looking, chances are you miss them and still have feelings for them. Yes, that’s normal, but if you’re in a new relationship and trying to move on, well you’re only staying still or moving backwards if you’re looking at their Facebook page.

7 Brag about It

Don’t use Facebook as a place to brag about how amazing your significant other is. Sure, if he/she surprises you with something amazing or cooks dinner for you after a rough day at work, why not share how special your partner makes you feel. However, don’t write status updates like, “OMG, my guy is the best” or “No one has a better boyfriend than I do” day after day...after day! People get the picture and don’t really want it pushed in their faces, especially if they are single, or in a rocky relationship.

What are some things you learned to never do on Facebook? What are some things other people are doing on Facebook that you wish they wouldn’t do?

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