11 Things to Remember to Keep Your Relationship from Falling Apart ...


11 Things to Remember to Keep Your Relationship from Falling Apart ...
11 Things to Remember to Keep Your Relationship from Falling Apart ...

In order to keep your relationship from falling apart, there are a few facts you should know. There are little things that happen to every couple that tend to cause bigger fights than they should. Your boyfriend is human, which means he’s going to make mistakes and do things that make you unhappy. If you want to keep your relationship from falling apart, you have to remember that not every fight is a reason for a breakup.

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Attraction Reaction

There’s no way to stop your man from finding other females attractive. If you catch him glancing at a cute waitress or drooling over Jennifer Lawrence, let it roll off your back. Of course, if he takes it too far and starts flirting with other women or staring until you’re uncomfortable, discuss it with him. But if he just has a few harmless crushes, you need to live with it. Jealousy can be painful, but if you want to keep your relationship from falling apart, you can’t get angry every time a hot girl walks past him.


First Things First

A lady should be treated like a princess, right? While your man should try to put you before all else, you can’t come first in every single situation. If he has to choose between attending an important interview or tagging along for your next pedicure, don’t be upset when he puts work first. Be happy that he has his priorities in order and know that he’d come running to you if something was actually wrong. So let your prince take care of what he needs to before you ride off into the sunset together.


Waiting on Your Man to Change

There may be things you want to change about your boyfriend, but you have to realize that he could be happy the way that he is. Trying to change him can make him feel like he’s not good enough for you. It can start unnecessary fights and potentially end your relationship. If the change is something you can’t live without, end the relationship if he’s not willing to work on himself. If you love him regardless of whether or not he changes, then let him do as he wishes. You should like him for him, anyway.


Fight! Fight! Fight!

No matter how perfect a couple is, they’re going to fight. Some are huge blow ups that rightfully end the relationship. Others are petty arguments that cause them to break up before they should. Don’t let one fight ruin your relationship. Part of dating is being able to move on after arguing and strengthen your bond. The fighting is guaranteed; the making up is a decision.


Past Girls

Whether you like it or not, your boyfriend had a life before he met you. If you find out your favorite movie is the one he watched with his ex on their first date, or that he got his sexy tattoo while sitting next to an old flame, move past the nagging thoughts. When you rewatch that movie, don’t worry about whether he’s daydreaming about his ex. They broke up for a reason. Chances are he’s having a better time watching it with you than he ever did with her.


Farewell Friends

Just because your boyfriend enjoys spending time with you doesn’t mean you’re the only one he ever wants to spend time with. He needs to hang out with the boys just like you need time to chill with your girls. Don’t get angry when he wants to spend one Friday night with his buddies instead of you. If he always deserts you to be with them, that’s another story. But if he’s only asking for a few times with his friends a week, give him a break.


Different Speeds

Feelings develop at different rates for different people. If you think you like your boyfriend more than he likes you, just give it time. If you make a good couple, it shouldn’t matter how long it takes until your emotions match up. The same goes for the reverse. If you’re the one who thinks he’s being too clingy too early, just tell him to cool it down while explaining how much you like him. Don’t end a good relationship because one of you is moving slightly faster than the other.



In order for a relationship to work, you need to listen to each other and really take in what one another is saying. Don't pretend to listen while watching TV or playing games on your phone. If your partner is talking, then give them your full attention.


Family Issues

You may not love your mother-in-law or agree with everything she says, but don't let that ruin your relationship with your significant other. If you really love this person and want to spend the rest of your life with them, then you'll put aside the family issues and deal with your in-laws the best you can. Or, talk to your partner about it and come to an agreement on how many times his/her mother is allowed to come for a visit!



There are going to be situations you just can't control. Guys forget things, would rather stay home than go shopping or to a kid's birthday party, and sometimes just do things without realizing it might hurt your feelings. Let go of the control, stop putting your man down, and everything else will come easy.


Talk to Your Partner

Your significant other isn't a mind reader, so don't make them out to be one. If something is bothering you, if you want him/her to do something, or you just feel like talking, then speak up.

If you know you’ve found a good man, don’t let him go over some silly reason. Have any of these topics started a fight in one of your relationships? Did you break up over it?

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I swear I love this app

yes thats true LDR do work..it depends to both of you:)

I think all guys will always look when it comes to other women. But to make it obvious is too much. I'm in a situation to figuring out if it's worth fighting for.

Different speeds don't just apply to emotions, but to levels of respect and commitment. I sometimes felt like I was half way to the finish line while my boyfriend was still tying his shoes. It's funny that some men want love marriage and all that but they have no idea how to go about it.

This was perfect!


Well hiim lookiinqq at qiirls n me wantiin to hiim to chanqE somethiinqs, but we never broke up about iit. We arqued about iit thouqh.

No sorry but I shouldn't just let him look at girls while he's with me glance is ok but not staring that's just asking for it

@andiena I can also vouch for LDRs. After 15 months in one, mine is happily coming to an end as we are moving to be in the same city next month! It is hard work but if you really love each other you will make it work. I agree as well, pick your battles. My r/ship had some really tough days, but now that it is coming to an end we both know it has been worth it.

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