5 Things to Remember when You Are in an Abusive Relationship ...


5 Things to Remember when You Are in an Abusive Relationship ...
5 Things to Remember when You Are in an Abusive Relationship ...

Everything seems like an escape when you first meet him. You need him but is he your army? Everything seems fair when you fall for a smile that is reflected on your face. Is that really your happy place? Hun, maybe you don’t know where you are going, but if you fast track the time forward, you will realize that you should have let him go.

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Take Control of Your Feelings

If he can’t fix you, then you are better off alone. And being alone is not as crazy as it sounds. Live a little, and make a big difference. These feelings need to know what lies ahead. Listen to your heart but follow your mind.


Second Chances Becomes the First Mistake

Giving another chance makes you the bigger person but does it really? Does he respect you and appreciate you for that? If you see the crazy side of fights and all you do is shed tears, it is time to close the door and walk down a hallway of peace.


Are You Gonna Let It Break You?

We all make mistakes and we learn from them. If he doesn’t learn, he doesn’t have the power to love you enough. Love is a strong word and so are you!


Keep the Phone Away

All his messages are going to mess with your head. He is not the best you will ever have because we all wait for the day to walk down the aisle to realize we are now home.


Walk over the Hatred

It is time to put on your favorite heels and walk over the lies and the words he threw in front of you. We all know what it’s like but it’s you who has got to stop your feet from sinking in the ocean of false hope. If it’s not good for you, it is time to wear a smile and walk away.

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