7 Things to Remember when You Want to Cheat ...


There may be times when you feel tempted to cheat on your man. So what do you do when that happens? These’re some important things to remember when you’re feeling tempted to cheat. They can help you sort through your thoughts and make the right decision for you.

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Check Your Commitment

First of all, you want to think about your relationship status. Are you in a committed relationship or just seeing someone casually? If there’s no commitment then you’re free to act on those feelings of attraction. That’s not cheating, that’s the freedom of playing the field! But if you’ve made a commitment to someone then you want to think things over carefully before you act.


Feelings of Attraction Aren’t Unusual

Noticing that someone is attractive doesn’t mean you’re on the verge of cheating; it means you’re human. As long as you live you’re going to notice attractive people. That’s not wrong. It’s what you do about those feelings that can lead to trouble. For example, if you catch yourself flirting with this attractive person then you could find yourself in a situation where you’re soon cheating on your man. Be careful not to cross a line you don’t want to cross.


Maybe You’re Bored in Your Relationship

If you’re thinking about cheating then it could be that you’re bored in your relationship. This isn’t unheard of. It doesn’t mean that you need to turn to someone else, though. It means you need to put some effort into making your current relationship exciting again. Think of some things you can do to spice things up!


You’ve Forgotten What a Great Guy You Have

This happens to almost everyone from time to time. You get so used to being a couple that you forget what a great catch you’ve got. It doesn’t just happen to us ladies; guys can forget what an amazing girl they’ve got, too. Making a conscious effort to notice how awesome your man is can help you redirect your thoughts. Soon you’ll be wondering how you ever even thought of cheating.


You’re Feeling Flattered

You know what? We all love flattery. Who doesn’t love a compliment? But you have to be careful when someone is flattering you with compliments and giving you a lot of attention. It can make you feel confused about your relationship. Don’t throw away a good relationship because you feel flattered. This’s a decision you could later regret.


Remember the History You Have with Your Boyfriend

It’s important to give your relationship careful thought when you want to cheat. Are you in a good relationship? Are you happy? Consider your relationship from all angles, including your history together. Is that something that you want to throw away?


Treat Your Boyfriend the Way You’d Want to Be Treated

Lastly, before you make the decision to cheat, think about how you’d want to be treated. Most likely, you’d want your boyfriend to tell you if he was interested in seeing someone else before he actually did it. Do him the same courtesy. You have total freedom to see whoever you want to! But you’ll feel much better about yourself if you break one relationship off before starting another.

These’re 7 things to remember when you want to cheat. Does this help put things in perspective? Are you in this situation now?

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If you feel like cheating don't be in a relationship??? Live a single life, no need to ruin some else's happiness.

Break up before you cheat

I cheated on my bf & now I want him back smh 😞😟😞

Total freedom? The right decision for you? Nonsense, there is never an excuse to cheat in a monogamous relationship.

Totally agree with Brooke... If you're thinking about cheating you should not be in a relationship. Not to mention cheaters are one of the worst kinds of people in my book, they don't care about completely breaking someone else's heart. If you want to be with someone else simply end your relationship instead of betraying your boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Is this a joke?

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