7 Things to Remember While Watching Football with Your Man ...


7 Things to Remember While Watching Football with Your Man ...
7 Things to Remember While Watching Football with Your Man ...

Ladies, it’s football season, so you’re most likely watching football with your man. If he’s a hard-core fan, you’re watching a lot of football with him. This can by trying, especially if you’re not the biggest sports fan. To help out, here are 7 things to remember while watching football with your man.

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Know the Basics

people, interaction, There are basic rules to the game that you should know when watching football with your man. Most likely he won’t expect you to be a football aficionado, but it’s a good idea to have at least an understanding of how the game is played. A few questions are cute, but most likely your guy doesn’t want to spend the entire game explaining the difference between offense and defense. If football is lost on you, do a quick Internet search or ask one of your male friends to explain the ins and outs. This will help you avoid embarrassing yourself by asking what inning the game is in.


Boys Will Be Boys

black and white, people, monochrome photography, history, Boys!, If all of his friends are over for the game or you're out watching at a sport bar, understand that boys will be boys, especially when sports are involved. You may be witness to burps, bad jokes and perhaps some foul language (especially if his team isn’t playing so well). Remember that your man is usually sweet and well behaved. Try not to judge him based on his game day behavior. In fact, you may find he can be a lot of fun when he’s excited about his team.


Supply Snacks

cartoon, comic book, comics, screenshot, anime, Headed to his place for game day? Bring along snacks and/or drinks. It is still true that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you’re a whiz in the kitchen, fix up something yummy and bring it to his house in time for the game. If cooking isn’t really your forte, stop by the grocery store and pick up chips, dip and maybe some easy to warm cocktail hot dogs. Punch or a case of beer is a good addition as well. If it’s early in your relationship this will show your man that you’re thinking about him. And if his friends are present to share your yummy gifts, his football team won’t be the only ones scoring points.


Wait for the Commercials

person, writing, conversation, professional, If you have something on your mind that you’d like to discuss with your guy, during the game is NOT the time to bring it up. If he’s really into a football game, it’s a pretty good bet that he’s not in the mindset for deep conversation. If it’s something that can wait at least a few hours until the game is over, let it wait. If there is some sort of "emotional emergency" at least hold on to it until a commercial or, better yet, half time. Planning a relationship status check during a football game is rarely a good plan and could end negatively. Save it for later when he can really focus on you and the matter at hand.


Know His Team

player, cricket, sports equipment, football player, touchdown, What’s your guy’s favorite team? If you don’t know, it’s a good idea to find out! You’ll know which team to cheer for while you’re watching with him, and you’ll also be able to look up playing schedules to determine what times your man will be glued to a television. If your guy is into fantasy football, knowing which teams he needs to watch can get overwhelming, but you’re sure to earn points just for trying. Get an understanding of at least his top two teams and maybe – just maybe – two or three of his high performing fantasy players.


Try Not to Complain

person, the, game, almost, over?, For some, football season tends to last forever, especially for those who aren’t really into the sport. If your man follows professional football as well as college football, it may seem like he’s always watching a game. When it becomes overwhelming and you feel you’re about to reach your breaking point, try to put yourself in his shoes. Think of all of the shows that you watch that he may not be too keen on, like your fashion, reality or love stories. If he can sit through a season of these shows with you, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to get through football season for him.


Get into the Game

screenshot, One easy way to make it through football season is to get into the game. Is there a team that your dad or best guy friend loves? Jump on the bandwagon! Better yet, adopt your boyfriend’s team so the two of you can cheer together. Your man will be more than happy to share details about the star quarterback, the team’s amazing defensive line and how many championships they’ve won. Nothing shows a guy you care more than showing interest in something he loves.

Watching football can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re side by side with your man and his buds. Even if you’re not into the game, the quality time with each other is something you and your man will appreciate, as long as you enhance the experience. Football is here to stay, so if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! What are your favorite things about watching football with your man?
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This is one of the most sexist articles I have ever read, and it was written by a woman. If I have something to say during a game, I'll say it if I damn well please! No way in hell I'm waiting until commercial break. I agree you should support your guy's interests, but putting yourself beneath them is NOT the way to do it.

Like Sarah, my hubby loves that I adore footy n have went to games since I was 3. Shame we support opposing teams lol

U r weird

Football is my whole families life! We eat,sleep and breath football! I loooove having football parties whether it be NFL or college. Love football season!

Thank gosh my boyfriend isn't into it

My fiancé and I play Madden NFL on Xbox when we aren't watching football. I like his team, but I also have my own team ;)

Low key love the game more than my guy friends

I grew up in a sports loving home, everyone was watching, then I was blessed with four sons, so we all watched, to me it wouldn't be Fall without Football, and it wouldn't be Spring without baseball. My 87 year old mom, may get confused about a lot of things but you put on sports and she is right there in the conversation.

In my house don't breath or ask questions. My husband gets very annoyed when I do.

Im not gonna do that if I dont like it then I dont every one has there own choice daaaah

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