23 Foolish 🀐😱 Things to Say πŸ’¬ or Not 🀚🏼 when Texting Boys πŸ“± ...


Too often, girls sit around and ponder (for hours) about what they're going to say and how they're going to say it to a guy. Texting is NOT supposed to be that complicated! These guidelines will help sort out that baffled and confused feeling you get when wanting to text a guy. Here are 23 things to say/not say when texting boys:

1. Forget about Your Menstrual Cycle

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Ladies, let's get this straight: boys have absolutely no desire to know when your Aunt Flow is visiting. If anything, they want to imagine that you are the one female who doesn't have that family member. So if you are holding back from seeing a guy because of your period, take the opportunity to play hard to get. A thing to say when texting a boy is letting him know you already have plans or are busy during the week. He will be jealous wondering who you are with, when really you'll be curled up with two special men named Ben and Jerry.

When He's a Foot Away


Of the terrible advice posted on here I think straight lying is the worst of the advice β€œtelling him you’re out when you’re really at home is the stupidest idea ever. Don’t ever lie he will figure it out and think you’re an attention seeking liar....
Mystery is great, straight lying is wrong. Out of all
I think the writer meant during the initial getting to know one another phase, the best things to do are keep an open intrigue. Some guys r harder to attract than others. This would totally work on the β€œbad boy” type
Sally Amorim
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@Sasha YES! wtf??
literally all of this is terrible advice. wtf.
Miss Pia Storm
Haha my Bf have no choice but to deal with my periods, but he's a man, so he don't mind. And if a guy is ever so disrespectful to you, dump him. You deserve better girl! You're not a sex object, but a...
^Right! I mean this says it's more important to lie and be sexual than tell the guy what you're actually doing? Maybe a good man would appreciate your honesty? Or what if you're visiting your grandmother? The right guy would love that about you!
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