13. LOL


No matter how giggly you are in real life, constantly adding "LOL" after all of your texts can get on any guy's nerves. Most of the time, the "LOL" has nothing to do with the conversation and it's just fluff. There's nothing wrong with letting your guy know you're laughing at his funny comment, but too many "LOLs" can be too much!

Go Easy with the Emojis


Marina Lestraude
I think this is brilliant for someone who isn't looking to be committed. Everyone here is saying that men want 'strong women' and men focus on things other than sex but that isn't true for all men. So...
Crystal Skye
I don't like these texting games either. I like to be real at all times.
@Rachael Eby this, I like this.
@Naomi Louise Scott I think she's so used to dating boys she thinks men like the same things.
Leone Lobos
When texting boys... What kind of boys? Those who only want you for sex? Girl, in a real relationship, being honest and of course being yourself are the ways to go. The only advice I can take is #6. Anyway, keep it going ^^
Agreed with everyone here. Guys should like you for you and if they like these gimmicks and you don't, then definitely not right! This is basically saying you should flaunt sexuality because that is all guys want. Which is not true.
never lie to a guy or anybody. say you are parting when you actually are in home doing nothing? if he asks just say it. probably thatΒ΄s what heΒ΄s doing too. if a guy likes you cause you are supposed...
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