23. Give Yourself Time to Cool off


I hope you don't get into an argument over text but if you do, give yourself some time to think and cool off before you reply. Taking a minute can save you from firing off a series of angry texts or threats you don't really mean. If you feel yourself getting angry or bothered, take a few deep breaths and go get a drink of water before you reply.

So girls, next time you pick up your phone, remember these 23 things to say or not to say when texting boys. Keep up your flirt, don't be an easy catch, and make every word count. You'll have your phone lighting up all the time. Better yet, you'll be going out more with these guys all the time! Just be aware that he may not be able to wait till the end of dinner to put his hands on you. What are your rules for texting boys? Do you have any other ideas to share?


Sapna Pathak
Loved the article I mostly do all of these n yes the guys go crazy
I feel like some of these are sending him signs that you're trying to avoid him. In my opinion, these are good reasons, but if you like a guy, go for it. Don't worry about trying to be mysterious or something
I find it's better to have less words too, right your message and take out the words you can, attention focused on the main words, guys don't have a lot of enthusiasm to read long texts
What if it's not just another boy? What if it's your fiancée or husband?
I Have A Question Is Bad To Tell My Boyfriend Everytime Something That Bothers Me? Like When We Txting Ifeel Like Isay To Much When It Comes Down To My Feelings 🙊
hey pepes just joined how wonderful is that
Help! I never know what to reply to this guy who i really like-- we were talking about our uni timetables and i was saying how mine was shit and he replied 'Oooooo yeah that would've been annoying' ...
@Andie, be brave and just see what happens. Be brave! Good luck
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