5. Leave out the Baby Talk


Anything you would say to a newborn baby stays far away from the conversation when it comes to things to say and not to say when texting boys. A guy does not want to be coddled, especially through a phone. Don't remind him of his mother.

Keep out the "hey baby, hey sexy, hey cutie pie, hey sweetie." I know it sounds like a good idea, but if you're texting him, use your flirtation in a sly way instead. Even talking about the weather can be sexual. Just make sure to keep your greetings in the friend zone. Think of it as if you're texting your brother.

Don't Double Text


Tia Styles
This is a little sexiest
B v. Cc
Kira Hanna Keppel
Awe poor little boys can't handle periods?? This is fucking ridiculous. Masculinity is so god damn fragile. If you can't hangout because you're on your period TELL HIM. If he can't "handle" it then dump his immature ass.
This is embarrassing
Ahahaha i laughed so much !! This is so ridiculous
No offence but a lot of this is stupid and ridiculous and would only work with someone who's not serious, because a guy who really loved you wouldn't give a crap about most of this...
If you like a boy and he truly likes you then he will like the really you no matter how crazy, and clingy etc you may be.
Every person is different, you can't say that a boy wouldn't like you if you were clingy or if you talked about something meaningful,you can't just blanket categories boys to like and do the same things.
tbh if a guy is really worth it get won't give a damn wether you double text him or not
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