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Things to Take Your Mind off Your Heartbreak ...

By Neecey

Getting over a breakup is never easy. At every waking moment it seems your mind turns to your ex and what you once had. This can take over your life if you let it. So don’t! Life’s too short, so you need ways to take your mind off your heartbreak.

Table of contents:

  1. Throw yourself into your work
  2. Turn your pain into a bestselling screenplay
  3. Learn a new passion for running
  4. Help other people that need it
  5. Vow to try something new until your pain goes away
  6. Take self-defense or lessons in a martial art
  7. Watch stand-up comedies whenever you feel sad
  8. Spend time with your pets
  9. Controversial! do not watch chick flicks

1 Throw Yourself into Your Work

This is probably one of the most common solutions for a nasty case of heartbreak. Many men and women throw themselves into their work when they have had their heart broken. We spend most of our time at work anyway, so it stands to reason that it may act as a nice distraction from your heartbreak.

2 Turn Your Pain into a Bestselling Screenplay

This may be a little cliché, but the fact is that heartbreak, grief and fear are the three strongest emotions. If you are experiencing heartbreak, then your screenplay, story or poems may have more potency. Write it out!

3 Learn a New Passion for Running

There is a thing called a runner’s high. It is a myth mixed with a half-truth. If you run for a while and push yourself, then after a while you get a runner’s high. People feel as if they have a new amount of energy from nowhere, and other people feel a form of euphoria. There are plenty of boring scientific reasons for this, but suffice it to say, running away your heartbreak can be very satisfying.

4 Help Other People That Need It

Sadness, depression and heartbreak are all very introverted feelings. Look outside yourself at the world and help those that cannot help themselves, and this includes animals, wildlife and flora. Put your pain in perspective by concentrating on something other than yourself and you will see how selfish indulging your pain is.

5 Vow to Try Something New until Your Pain Goes Away

Every day try something new until your pain goes away. Some women claim this tactic works very well for most types of emotional pain. Maybe it is because, yet again, you are focusing your attention externally instead of internally.

6 Take Self-defense or Lessons in a Martial Art

Some women take self defense or karate lessons to lose weight, others to avoid being attacked, and you can do it to cure heartbreak. After a while, after you are more limber, after you discover you can handle yourself, you start to feel a new lease of self confidence that your heartbreak shook up.

7 Watch Stand-up Comedies Whenever You Feel Sad

If you are feeling upset, then doing this seems like a terrible idea, but just try it. Try a little Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle if you want to hear a few funny truths. If you don’t want to watch a guy, then try Bonnie McFarlane or Joan Rivers. Try to experiment with a few first. Try to catch a few clips on YouTube before you go downloading. Find a few good ones and stand-up comedy can take your mind off your problems for a few hours.

8 Spend Time with Your Pets

From your goldfish to your golden retriever, can you honestly say you give your pets enough time? Spend a little time with your pets and remember why you wanted them in the first place. They can be a lot of fun. You may feel heartbroken now, but your pets feel heartbroken every time you go out.

9 Controversial! do NOT Watch Chick Flicks

Leave the romcoms and chick flicks off the screen. They will only remind you of your relationship and present more opportunities for you to wallow in self pity. They won’t make you feel any better so watch something else.

It’s hard. Everyone knows that. But you can conquer your heartbreak and come out of it stronger and wiser. What are your tips for getting over a breakup?

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