7 Things to Talk about in a Serious Relationship ...

I know it may seem silly but with divorce rates skyrocketing it’s a little obvious that people aren’t talking about what they should be before jumping in and getting hitched. But, that’s easily fixable; before you take that next step, here are the things you should be talking about in your relationship. Who knows, you might find out some interesting things!

1. Goals

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That’s right, goals! You may not know what you want to do in your life right away but it’s important to talk to your significant other about where you would like to end up in your life. Do you want to go back to school? Get a job working with the elderly? Be a homemaker? This is an important conversation to have.

2. Children

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Kids: sometimes they can be deal breakers. What if your partner wants 6 kids and you don’t see yourself ever wanting any? What if the roles are reversed and your partner doesn’t want kids? It’s a little too late to have this conversation when someone gets pregnant. So, make sure your stance is very clear to your partner and you know theirs as well.

3. Location

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I once dated a man that wanted nothing more than to live in Hawaii. Which sounds great to some people, but to me sounded like a giant alarm, because I wanted to live in Washington near my family. Believe it or not, this could be a breaking point in your relationship. Talk about it before taking that next step!

4. Marriage

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Every time I think about talking about marriage I picture the scene in "He’s Just Not That Into You" when Jennifer Aniston realizes that her boyfriend of 7 years doesn’t ever want to marry her. 7 years is a long time to wait for a ring if that’s what you really want. Especially if the person you want to marry doesn’t really conform to the idea of marriage.

5. Family

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Let me tell you, I am very close with my family and sometimes, when the person that you’re with isn’t, it can cause friction. It seems silly to fight about how much time you spend with your family but when the person you’re with doesn’t appreciate theirs, chances are they won’t understand why you spend so much time with yours.

6. Religion

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Don’t get me wrong, two people that are different religions can make it work all day, every day. But, it’s still something you need to talk about. Especially if your partner would want you to convert before marriage.

7. Finances

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This one is a bit tough, especially if you’re in debt. It’s easy to be embarrassed about but it’s only fair that your partner know about your finances before getting more serious. This will be an especially tough conversation if you go to get an apartment together and you get denied because of your credit.

Well ladies, I know they seem a little tough, or even a little awkward but these are the things you should talk about in a serious relationship. You might even find that the person you’re with wants the exact same things you do! What are the dealbreakers you talk about in a relationship? Let me know down below!

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