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15 Things to Try as a Couple before You Break up ...

By Sici

If you didn’t already know it, allow me to let you in on a little secret, relationships are super hard! Even if you are the happiest couple in the world, you still have to do your fair share of maintenance and compromising in order to remain that way, so when you find yourself in a situation where you feel like it might not be worth it anymore, the natural instinct is to simply end it. Sometimes that is the right thing to do, but what about when it turns out to be a drastic choice? Here are 15 things to try before you decide to break up.

1 Try to Communicate as a Respectful Team Rather than Just Taking Turn Shouting over Each Other. You Wouldn’t Try to Make a Situation Work in Your Job like That, so Why Would It Work in Your Relationship?

2 Go to Couples Therapy. It’s Literally Designed to Be Able to Help You Get through Tough Times! It’s the 21st Century, There is No Stigma Attached to This Kind of Thing Anymore. Make the Most of the Service

3 Try Saying Yes to More Things That Your Partner Suggests Instead of Instinctively Trying to Get Your Own Way All the Time. Compromise is a Beautiful Thing

4 Let Go All of the Negative Memories That You Have and Try to Start Fresh Together. if the Things Haven’t Been Bad Enough to Already Break You up, then They Probably Aren’t Worth Holding a Grudge over

5 Try to Be More Patient with Your Partner Instead of Flying off the Handle when You Hit a Bump in the Road. Try to Resist That Natural Instinct to Let Your Rage Fly

6 Get Together and Set Some Specific Goals That You Would like to Aim towards for Your Relationship. Sometimes the Temptation to Split up Comes from Feeling Insecure and Aimless

7 Experiment with Going Back to Treating Each Other the Way That You Did when You First Started Dating. Familiarity Can Sometimes Breed Contempt!

8 Do Something Different and Spontaneous Once in a While, Something That Can Break up the Monotonous and Repetitive Cycle That You Might Have Gotten in to

9 When You Are Together and Spending Quality Time, Make a Deal to Both Turn Your Phones off and Be Truly Present with One Another

10 Take Some Time to Figure out Their Love Language; Perhaps You Have Misinterpreting Them the Entire Time

11 Book a Getaway Where the Two of You Can Escape from All the Pressures of the Real World and Just Be Together for a While to Reconnect

12 Focus on Your Partner’s Attributes Rather than Their Flaws. You Might End up Seeing That the Things You Don’t like Are Small in Comparison to the Things That You do

13 Make the Effort to do as Much Self Care as You do Work on Your Partner. if You Aren’t Happy in Yourself, then You Are Never Going to Be Happy in a Couple Situation Either

14 Perform Lots of Little Small Gestures That Remind Your Partner How Much You do Actually Care. It’s Not Always about the Big Grand Gestures


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