6. Back Away from the opposite Sex

You have to be careful being around the opposite sex when there is turmoil in your marriage. Sometimes other people can suddenly become very appealing.

You might start to question why your husband doesn't notice your hair when the guy at work does, or you just might get hit on all the time when you're out with the girls. No matter how tempting, it's best to step away and imagine a wall between yourself and them. You have built a life and committed to this one person and you owe it to both yourself and him to give it everything you've got to make it work before you give up. Don't let a couple of compliments dismantle an entire relationship.

Give It All You've Got


But how, each n every time v had fight he refused to talk over!! When asked for a discussion say no use. Really confused of wat m going thru
Ms Delacruz
also having God involved in your marriage is a HUGE and crucial aspect, I believe :)) and if you have kids, look at them and remember that they are the product of yOur love for each other! you'll neve...
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