3. Constant Text Messages

If your man states that he is going to be busy and you are constantly texting him, that is definitely one thing we do that puts him in a bad mood. Girls, you've got to understand, if he is busy, he can't constantly be texting you back or looking to read your texts. Instead, you've got to lay off the texting and wait for him to come to you!

Too Clingy


Sydney P
What if you only text him once in the morning, afternoon, and before you go to bed? Is that too much? My bf dumped his previous gf for texting him like 50 times a day and then overreacting when he doe...
Heather Jensen
Ha! That's funny -- and true, but I have to say, some guys do, do a lot of things that put girls in a bad mood too. :)
Now pretty please, with sugar on top: Don't do it again. Thanks.. Us the guys.
Heather Jensen
Hi Paul! I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. I think that some women do some of the things but not other things on this list. :) I'm totally guilty of texting too much.
Paul Johnson
Personally I dislike compliment-fishing. As soon as you go fishing for a compliment, you eliminate the possibility that it's sincere, and I don't like being insincere. I also think that 1 and 2, and 3 through 5 are the same things essentially.
Paul Johnson
@BigB, Maybe because that's a double-standard?
Heather Jensen
Hi Big! I'd say that he is not necessarily insecure, but there has to be a compromise, if he is willing to limit his guy's nights, she should limit her girl's nights.
Why is he insecure if he wants less girls nights when he limits his guy nights...most likely at your bequest?
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