5. Needing Too Much Attention

While being clingy is one thing, constantly needing your man's attention can be annoying, girls. Sometimes, he just wants to have his own space and wants to relax on his own. He doesn't want to constantly pay attention to you and everything that you need. Everybody needs space, girls. Sometimes, it might be hard to let him have it, but you need to!

Bathroom Hogging


Heather Jensen
Hi Paul! I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. I think that some women do some of the things but not other things on this list. :) I'm totally guilty of texting too much.
Paul Johnson
Personally I dislike compliment-fishing. As soon as you go fishing for a compliment, you eliminate the possibility that it's sincere, and I don't like being insincere. I also think that 1 and 2, and 3 through 5 are the same things essentially.
Paul Johnson
@BigB, Maybe because that's a double-standard?
Heather Jensen
Hi Big! I'd say that he is not necessarily insecure, but there has to be a compromise, if he is willing to limit his guy's nights, she should limit her girl's nights.
Why is he insecure if he wants less girls nights when he limits his guy nights...most likely at your bequest?
Heather Jensen
Thank you for reading all of the articles Kitty! :)
These are great checks to make sure we're being thoughtful towards our men. Thanks for all the articles!
Heather Jensen
Oh! That is so true! Thanks for the comment Patrick! ;)
you left out whining!
Cindy W Wang
Uh oh... gottakeepmymanhappy (via Twitter)
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