7 Things You Can Learn about Him from His Texts ...


If you've been lucky enough to get your crush's phone number, there are a few important things you can learn about him from his texts. Technology has become such a huge part of our lives, so the way that he communicates with you via cellphone can tell you a lot. That means you should pay close attention to your text messages. Here are some of the most important things you can learn about him from his texts:

1. If He Replies at All

Some guys don't text very often, but if you always see that he's read your message and hasn't bothered to reply, he doesn't care very much about you. You shouldn't have to send him ten messages before he gives you one tiny response. One of the biggest things you can learn about him from his texts is whether or not he's interested in talking to you. Even if he's shy, he'd figure out a way to reply to your messages if he really liked you.

If He Has Good Grammar


@Hilary Lee He's somewhat into u. If he was head over heels he'd answer right away no matter the occasion. Men are simple creatures.. If they like u they will show it. If there is distance it's a red flag! :)
Hillary lee you are lucky to be seeing someone :-)
Hillary Lee
Okay ladies, I have a question! I love the article, but my "crush" so to speak, texts back a few hours later (I know he's a busy guy) and we usually have great conversations leading up to our first 3 ...
This is very convenient and helpful
I could've used this article before I met a jerk lol....LUV this article very good and true!!
Nice points... Thank u ....i loved the last one
This was a good article all good points! I'm glad I found a good man :)
Really true. Enjoyed this article. Thanks
Totally agree
this is so true, thanks.
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