3. How He Cleans

My BFF is a perfect example of this. I could let him clean the apartment and then, two seconds later, I have to go back over it and clean it all back up. The way a guy cleans is just the way a guy cleans, you really can't change it, but you can teach him good habits!



You forgot Porn.
Thank you so much Shikha! You are awesome too!
Heather u r awesome <3
Zoe Mercedes
Our relationship hasn't been going so well. I've been trying to change a lot about him lately. I thought it was better to break up because wanting to change a person that much is just disrespectful an...
@AJ, so do girls. lol
Wait so you being a guy, can I get my guy cleaner, like physically, shower more ect.?
I think all ladies could benefit from this info. From my male perspective, I know that there's certain things I'm always going to do out of habit. For instance, just because I look at another female doesn't mean I am dissing my current gf. It's just something out of habit.
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