7 Things You Deserve as Much as Any Man ...


7 Things You Deserve as Much as Any Man ...
7 Things You Deserve as Much as Any Man ...

In the past, people wrongly assumed that men were superior to women. Of course, over the years, most of us have come to our senses. Now we realize that we're all equal, regardless of our gender. However, sometimes it's easy to forget that, because some people are still stuck in the past and view us as inferior. Of course, that's far from the truth. Here are a few things that you deserve as much as any man does:

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Orgasms Some women think that men are the only ones who masturbate and orgasm, but that's ridiculous! You deserve to have amazing sex just as much as any man does. He shouldn't be the only one having fun beneath the sheets. Even though it's a little harder for women to finish than it is for men, that doesn't mean you're any less deserving of it. Tell your man to get to work to give you what you deserve!


Masturbation isn't a competition or a male exclusive club, ladies. You have every right to explore your body and find out what makes you shiver with delight. If climaxing during sex remains elusive, remember that self-love is a fabulous route to discover what brings you pleasure. And when you're with your partner, communication is key—guide them through what tickles your fancy. You're entitled to feel the earth move, to be dazzled by those fireworks, so never settle for a lackluster love life. Embrace the journey to ecstasy—it's your ticket to ride, as much as anyone else's.


A Good Job

A Good Job Some people think that women aren't capable of being bosses, because of how moody their periods make them every few weeks. However, that time of the month doesn't make us any less qualified to hold a high position. We deserve high paying jobs with power as much as any man does. After all, if we can bleed every month without dying, we can certainly take charge of a workplace.



Respect You're a beautiful and talented woman who deserves respect. It doesn't matter if you're walking around in a suit or in a short skirt. Either way, you should be treated like an equal. No one should catcall you or sexually harass you in any other way. They should view you as a valuable human being instead of just a hot body.


Pizza and Beer

Pizza and Beer You don't have to watch your figure. Men have no problem guzzling beer and chewing on pizza, which means you should feel free to do the same. After all, you don't have to be a size 2 in order to feel like a beautiful, confident woman. No matter what your shape and size, you're a valuable member of society.



Love You deserve to be loved. If a man refuses to date you, and only wants to use you for sex, then don't let him. There are plenty of other people out there that would be happy to call you their girlfriend. Don't settle for something you're uncomfortable with, because women are just as deserving of love as men are.


To Be Heard

To Be Heard If you have an opinion, you shouldn't be afraid to state it. Your thoughts are just as valid as any man's thoughts. No one should see your views as inferior, just because you're a woman. After all, we're all equal.



Safety Women can't walk down the street alone at night without fearing for their lives, and that shouldn't be the case. Why should men get the benefit of walking through this world without fear when we're always told to watch our backs? It's an unfair thing, which is why more men need to learn to respect women, so that we feel the safety that we deserve.

You deserve all of these things as much as any man does! What else would you add to this list?

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Good speech like post, it's like you are talking directly to the reader


True enough but also men think they are superior because some things hold women back up to a point like having babies for a start...! If she doesn't have children she will be made to feel like she is less worthy but this doesnt necessarily apply to all men. So maybe as women we should flip the coin and not compare our worthiness to men. We are equal because we are, it just is!

I believe in all these points, but unfortunately I live in a society where where you are not the boss of your life your parents and husband decides what's good for you

@Khushbu That is really unfortunate; have you ever tried to re-locate?

I totally understand you,maybe not so to the point but still I do. But then you should be able to prove yourself worthy enough...there's more to say. But I guess I should stop here...:)@Khushbu

Hi khushbu, tried to gain confidence in urself... Then on what u r able to do. N then move on!!! It's frightening to imagine but trust me u will the happiness u r looking to!!! Good luck

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