2. A Good Job

A Good Job

Some people think that women aren't capable of being bosses, because of how moody their periods make them every few weeks. However, that time of the month doesn't make us any less qualified to hold a high position. We deserve high paying jobs with power as much as any man does. After all, if we can bleed every month without dying, we can certainly take charge of a workplace.



@Khushbu That is really unfortunate; have you ever tried to re-locate?
Good speech like post, it's like you are talking directly to the reader
Charlie D'Souza
I totally understand you,maybe not so to the point but still I do. But then you should be able to prove yourself worthy enough...there's more to say. But I guess I should stop here...:)@Khushbu
Elley Smith
I believe in all these points, but unfortunately I live in a society where where you are not the boss of your life your parents and husband decides what's good for you
peony blue
True enough but also men think they are superior because some things hold women back up to a point like having babies for a start...! If she doesn't have children she will be made to feel like she is ...
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