2. The Timing Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

Try to remember that the timing doesn’t have to always be perfect. You might meet the man or the woman of your dreams when you least expect it, so don’t ignore someone just because you are now depressed and you think that because of this situation, your relationship would not work. Depression can make you feel helpless, so by getting out and dating again, you will feel more in control of your life.

Focus on Your Date


Omg I thought I was alone on this one ...I have been struggling with depression for many Yrs and used to feel unworthy & hopeless ...I'm so happy to hear that other ppl like myself are out there and are positive and motivated to not left this depression
Francesca Rose
I may have a mental health condition, but I don't have to beg for anyone's attention. Just having confidence in myself and value has helped me to feel like this. Keep your head up lady...self empowered yourself and love yourself daily.
Francesca Rose
With a girl with depression, I have learned not to depend on guys to determine my worth. I just started chatting with this guy I meet, and I guessed he got tired of texting me and he didn't text me ba...
Thanks for the tips. I am bipolar and my greatest fear is to fall inlove,... :(
brilliant thanks for sharing this as I have not dated anyone for two years. to scared
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