7 Things You Need to Trust Your Partner with ...

Trust is everything in a relationship. If you can't or don't trust your partner, how can your relationship be happy? Trust doesn't mean being blind, but rather having confidence that your partner will never do anything to hurt you. So here are the things you need to be able to trust your partner with, if your relationship is going to thrive …

1. Being Faithful to You

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Unless you've both agreed to be in an open relationship, you should be able to trust that your partner will be faithful to you. And equally he should be able to trust you. If one of you has reason not to trust the other, or is irrationally suspicious, your relationship is not in a healthy state.

2. Maintain Shared Values

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A couple should be able to trust each other with maintaining their shared values, such as what is important to you and how you would want to raise your family. If one of you changes your mind, you should be able to discuss it with the other. But you don't move the goalposts without telling them.

3. A Responsible Financial Attitude

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You should also be able to trust your partner to have a sensible attitude towards finances. If you can't trust them with money, you could end up with a very nasty surprise and in a financial mess that's not of your making. If one of you isn't good with money, the other should take over joint finances.

4. That They'll Always Keep Your Welfare in Mind

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Another important issue is that you should be able to be confident that your partner will always keep your welfare in mind. If they have a tendency to make rash decisions or be selfish, it's not very promising. Caring partners think of how their partner will be affected by the things that they do, and listen to their input.

5. That They Won't Hold You Back

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Some people don't want their partners to grow and develop, because they prefer being in the same place and are afraid of being left behind. A good partner will never try to hold you back. They'll be proud of your achievements and aware that people grow and change.

6. Being Honest - in a Tactful Way

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Honesty is one of the most important factors in a relationship; without honesty, you have nothing worth having. Trust your partner to always be honest with you, though they should know how to speak the truth while still being tactful. There are ways of telling someone the truth without hurting their feelings - it's called diplomacy.

7. Being Away from You

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Are you always messaging your partner and wanting to know where they are? Constantly checking up on someone isn't cute. Your partner can't be with you all the time, and they don't owe you a minute-by-minute account of their day. If you don't trust them when they're out of your sight, there is a major problem in your relationship.

If you've been hurt by someone in the past, it's understandable that you might have been left with trust issues. But try not to let your new partner bear the burden of what someone else did. You really need to be able to trust your partner, or your relationship is going to be difficult. Have you ever had your trust abused?

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