9 Things You Never 🚫 Forget πŸ’­ about Your Ex πŸ’” ...

There are some things you never forget about your ex. If you are like the majority of people in the world, you will go through a few different relationships before you finally find β€˜the one’. No matter how long or how short your romantic history has been, there is one thing for certain. With each name that gets added to the list of exes, there is also another, more mental list, of things that you are definitely never going to forget about them. It might be big things, it might be little things, but it’s absolutely certain that there will be a few traits, memories or characteristics that you will keep in your mind forever, both good and bad! Here are some of the things you never forget about your ex.

1. The Early Days

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What things felt like at the beginning is just one of the things you never forget about your ex. No matter how messy it got at the end, you always remember those early days of courtship when all of the excitement and chemistry was so abundant. It tends to make you look back on previous relationships with rose tinted glasses.

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