5. Agreement

You don't have to agree with everything your crush says in order to get him to like you. You don't have to laugh at every joke he attempts, either. If you really want to spend a lifetime with him, you'll choose to be yourself instead of someone who just pretends to love everything he does.

Your Time


Good article and very true . I would like to add money to this article. This has come up a lot in my relationship. My boyfriend goated me into buying him things I would really have not done. His great...
What if a guy was hurt by a girl he lived and doesn't want to get into relationships but you like him and he acts like he likes me ! Help me please
Sapna Pathak
Lovely profound article totally agree with everything I'mNot a cooking person so made sure my hubby then bf had no issues with it he is better cook than me
100% correct. My dad instilled these things mentioned in this article to me always. Made me a very strong woman. He had one extra rule not mentors here. Go to college and find a career that will allow...
So true! Strongly agree on every point.
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