5 Things You Say πŸ’¬ That Annoy πŸ˜’ Your Boyfriend πŸ‘« ...

You might be surprised to find out that there are things you say that annoy your boyfriend. If you’re that woman who is so concerned about attracting a guy you really like, then it’s time to choose the right words. Not everything you say is understood the way you believe it is. This is why you want to avoid the wrong interpretation at all costs. Here are some things you say that annoy your boyfriend and you should stop saying them right now.

1. Who is Your Clothing Designer?

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I know you might be a fashion enthusiast, yet doesn’t that question suggest that you’re a gold digger? It’s not going to give a very good impression and he’ll obviously misunderstand you. Instead, you can tell him about your favorite brand or designer, which is a way to encourage him to tell you about his. Asking about his clothes is only one of the things you say that annoy your boyfriend.

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