11 Things You Should πŸ‘ Always do when You Break up πŸ’” with Someone πŸ‘« ...

Every break up with a new person is different: a different set of circumstances that come about and come to a head in various different ways. Whilst it isn’t always easy to predict a pattern for the trajectory of the relationship, there is no denying that there are a few certain rules in place that have been set in stone for as long as romance has been a thing! You might not be able to track the ups and downs of different relationships, but you can certainly see similarities in the best ways to deal with a separation. Here are eleven things you should always do when you break up with someone!

1. Exercise

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Don’t allow yourself to become super demotivated and a hermit. Remember to continue to keep exercising because those endorphins will really come in handy if you are feeling low.

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